Germiston High School Initiative

Lucchini SA Employees: Regan Holland, Samu Sibiya, Stephan Nel, Nico Myburg, Odette Engle, Natasha Bennett, Gcobisa Bokleni-Toyi, Theunis Hartman, Judith Mtshali, Shaniel Ramguthy, Brandon Naidoo.
Germinston High School: Ndumiso Ndlovu (15), Bianca Luyisna (16), Samuel Chikere (18), Shakira Bofelo (15), Antonela Domingos (14), Samukelo Dude (16)


As a business we have a lot to be proud of, but we are always working towards having a greater and more sustainable story to tell. A mammoth challenge that South Africans face is that of poverty in our communities. At Lucchini SA we have taken it upon ourselves to make a difference in the lives six scholars, by providing funding for school tuition, electronic tablets and stationery for an entire year.

The mandate of this initiative is to improve the educational experience for the scholars by providing them with the resources needed to improve their educational outcomes. Lucchini SA has partnered with a local community school, Germiston High School, to identify high performing learners, with impoverished backgrounds and circumstances to benefit from this initiative. Students will be supported throughout their schooling and encouraged to maintain high performance levels. It is envisaged that these students will also be given the opportunity to study further after leaving school with the support of Lucchini SA. Lucchini SA Embarked on this Initiative/programme in 2017 and continues to do so on an annual basis.


On 2nd August 2019, the sponsored scholars from Germiston High School had the opportunity to visit LSA to gain a broader understanding of our who we are, and our operations.
The visit stared with an introduction of the Lucchini RS Group, as well as, a presentation on the establishment of Lucchini SA. This was followed by a factory tour and lunch.

Lucchini SA is proud to be able to make a difference in our community.






Oddette Engle
HR Manager
Lucchini SA