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Lucchini SA, brings to the South African and Southern African rail markets forged railway wheels with a proven track record in Southern Africa for over 13 years.
Railway wheels can be segregated into three distinct categories:
• Locomotive wheels
• Freight Wagon wheels
• Passenger Coach wheels

Locomotive Wheels
Locomotive wheels are high axle load wheels with larger diameters. Wheels are fitted onto Bo-Bo (4 wheels per bogie) or Co-Co (6 wheels per bogie) bogies dependent on load and traction requirements.

Freight Wagon Wheels
Freight wheels can be divided into wheels required for high axle load, heavy haul operations and wheels for general freight operations which require lower axle loads. Heavy haul operations normally require axle loads in excess of 26 tons/axle while general freight operations require axle loads in the region of 20 tons/axle.

Passenger Coach Wheels
Wheels for long distance and metro trains carrying passengers are normally supplied to a higher specification due to the higher risk involved. Axle loads are low -/+ 16 tons/axle but the speed of the trains tend to be higher than freight trains. Internationally, forged wheels are specified for passenger services as a result.

Please refer to Lucchini RS website for more detail on products the Lucchini RS Group can offer.